Friday, December 09, 2005

"Pray Dad"

The other night Jacob woke up crying. It happens every now and then. So I picked him up and talked to him for a little bit and put him back into the bed. As I was ready to leave the room Jacob says, "Pray Dad". So we took a second to pray. Most of his prayers consist of saying Dear Jesus and thanking him for various things...Frosty...Bear....Amarah...Cho Cho...Mom, Dad and Jacob. It always ends with a resounding AMEN! My kid is getting old. Soon their will be another on the way...Dec. 27th to be exact. Wow am I getting old.


Blogger Shainerz said...

That is so precious of Jacob! Wow..he sure did grow up fast! By the way, thanks for scheduling the c-section while I'll be home for break :D (I know, I know..that's not why, but thanks!)

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Blogger the devine one said...


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