Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Week Wrap-up

Easter has come and gone. My in-laws were up for the week. It was fun to have them around. They spent their time trying to spoil our son. I spent the earlier part of the week fixing my truck in Phil's Garage. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

For some reason I am really in love with this picture. It is the front of my engine on my Dodge Dakota.

Phil the Garage Guru.

Phil trying to melt down my water pump.

Over the past year Phil and his handy garage has saved me over $1,500.00 !!!!

The rest of my Easter week was filled with reading about Kyrgyzstan Coup and spending time with my family. If you want to hear about that you will have to log on to Clan Broberg.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Colapse

The new church is no more. Cornerstone Assembly of God in Austin MN just bought a theater to begin remodeling to be their new church. On Thursday the roof fell in and the whole building colapsed. You can read the news article here: Austin Daily Herald The good thing was that there was nobody in the building and they just raised the insurance value.

My favorite quote from the news article is from Cory Geotz.
"It's never a good sign," he said, "to see a fireman standing in front of your building with an axe."

Read the news story. Cory has some good statements. The fire chief and Dave are starting to be good friends over the past year. Maybe he will get saved. I am excited to see how God turns this into a blessing.

Kyrgyzstan Revolts

Got a letter from my parents telling me that there is a revolt in Bishkek the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. The government has been over thrown and a new government is now in place. This government holds no authority. Looting has continued through out the night last night will continue tonight.

They stormed government building with sticks and homemade shields. I believe the men with the blue head bands on were a supporters of the former president trying to protect his offices.

The rally before the taking over the main government buildings

The Kyrgyz police standing guard at government offices. They didn't last long against 10,000 protesters.