Saturday, September 17, 2005

For you Mom

This post is specifically for my mother who is living in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Mom, here are a few pictures of my parenials that you were asking about.

The hydrendia didn't miss a beat.

If the rabbits would stop eating that perenials I gave you they would eventually look like this. But by the time they bloom you will be in Kyrgyzstan. I bet they are blooming as we speak.

I am not sure what this is maybe Aster? Rachel gave me a little clump a couple years ago. Now it is huge.

My parenial garden and veggie garden looks great this year. I will post some harvest pictures in the future.

A couple pics

Even though Jess and I have been back from our vacation for awhile. I want to post a couple of pictures that I took in Michigan.

From the rooftops of Mackinaw Island.

Mackinaw Island Bay.

Over all our trip was a blast. We really enjoyed getting away and driving through the UP. The northren part of Lower MI was great. I am ready for another vacation.