Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Final Harvest

I haven't posted much it the last couple months. With football, children's Ministry and Youth Group my posting habits have been compromised. So I will have to step it up once winter sets in. Speaking of winter it is a beautiful fall day out my window. I am looking at a nice red maple tree with small white flakes blowing by. It is our first snow fall of the year today. It is time to start cleaning up the garage and finishing up any yard and garden projects before the frost set in.

Speaking of the garden I collected the final harvest yesterday before the snow decided to fall. All I can say is Peppers Peppers Peppers. I think I picked over 80 nice peppers this year. I am sick of tomatoes (if that is possible) I have given so many away and they just keep coming and coming. Next year I am going to make Salsa. Here are a few pictures of the final harvest.

I just kept pick peppers after peppers. I think there were four bags of peppers. I guess it is time for some Fajitas.