Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Plant Save

In May the family went to WI to visit our families. While there I helped my mom and dad dig out some only landscaping rock which was half rock and half dirt. They were putting in a cobblestone side walk. It was hard labor, and since my mom and dad are getting older in years I helped with the physically hard part. Well my reward was this hydrendia bush. It is more like a tree. My mom was pretty sure it would not make it. Well I brought it home and re-organized my perennial garden to make some room for it. Here it is growing beautifully.

Good save. This thing must be 15 yrs old.

A shot of the perennial garden from the front side of the house.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Garden

My garden has not taken alot of work this year. Each year it gets better and better. This year I have planted Romaine lettuce, Spinach, Cukes, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Bell pepers, Asparagus, Summer Squash, Brocolli, Onions and Rubarb and Strawberries. Here are a couple pictures of the Garden.

A look across the garden. You can see the peppers closest.

A closer look at red onions.

A row starting with brocolli and ending with cukes.

Summer Landscaping

Well the posting has slowed way down. It summer on the Iron Range! It only last for about two months here so you have to work fast to enjoy the hot sun. Yesterday it was 96 degrees outside. Wow we only get one day year when it is that hot around here. Here are a few pictures of a couple landscaping projects I have been working on this summer.

This little bush was planted last year along side of my small herb garden it survived the long winter and has bloomed this year with great color.

It seems chives and cottage cheese has become a staple in our house this summer. Chives are pretty common herb, but when they bloom I think they are quite pretty.

Here is the whole herb garden.