Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Scary Day

Stomething strange is going on at the McPherson house. Beware this film rated "R" for Horrific Themes.

To watch video click play button. If video does not play. You may need to download windows media player below.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

A Great Photo Blog

One of my favorite blog is by someone I don't actually know. I enjoy their creativity in picture taking their skill on photoshop isn't too bad either. If you are love pictures of plants/flowers and enjoy vivid color check out Pretty Colored Things it is a very enjoyable site. Here are a couple pictures I "borrowed" from the above site.

Two of my favorites. There are so many more great pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Kyrgyzstan Update

Kyrgyzstan government is in shuffle mode. It seems that with the new government clan biased is still alive and well. New government officials are firing former employees and hiring clan/family members take their positions. Not that I blame them. Jobs are non-existent and government jobs pay well. When you are in survival situations are you going to provide for your family or someone else? The best way to get rid of corruption is to leave the old communist ways behind and create an atmosphere where all people can have an opportunity to make some a living to support your family.

Feliks Kulov
Feliks Kulov, former political prisoner was release the day the protest turned revolution. He running for President hoping to unseat intern President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. The rumors running through Bishkek is that Kulov has a relationship with Jesus. If this is the case I pray that he gets the vote come June. At the moment he is mending ties with former president supporters and waiting for all corruption charges to be dropped.

Word has it that Radical Islamic group known as Hiz has been working tirerlessly underground to bring about a Islamic mullah into power to act as caliph over Kyrgyzstan. This group boast to be three thousand strong and is hoping that the infighting brings about another peoples revolution where Islamic Radicals may have a hand in developing a government driven by hardcore Islamic principles.

That is the news/gossip from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. If you would like to read more about The Kyrgyzstan Revolution check out this link (click here) it is very informative about the goings on in all central asians countries.

I will leave you on a lighter note. A cartoon from my father.

District Counsel

First morning of District Counsel and I am very excited to be in the Twin Cities so I get up early and play to take my laptop to Caribou for a nice latte. I get in my Explorer to go to get coffee and I begin to back up and it stalls. So I start it up again and pull forward and it stalls. CRAP! I thinking my altenator is all jacked up. But I notice that my gas tank is completely empty. So I think I must of ran out of gas. So instead of drinking a great cup of coffee and Blogging I am sitting in the hotel drinking instant coffee watching the news and playing on my laptop.

I guess I will wait until some other pastor wakes up so that I can get a ride to the gas station to get a gallon of gas so I can be on my way today. Not what I really wanted to do this morning. Man, I have a hard hope that it is a gas problem vs. a real problem.

Speaking of woes. I am a teller at District Counsel which means I have to sit through all the business meetings. Thanks Simerson for volunteering me.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Gallery

My digital art gallery is now up and functioning properly. This makes me very happy. I have always wanted to display pictures that I have taken for all to see. Feel free to click on any picture in the gallery and it should take you to a display window with the picture and a little discription. I trust you will enjoy the images. My personal favorite to date is probably the sunset picture taken on the North Shore, Hawaii.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

First Thunderstorm

Yesterday was great. Spend the evening with my son playing in the yard and watching the dark clouds hang on the horizon. Every fifteen minutes or so we were reminded of the coming storm with cracks of rumbling thunder in the distance.

With each roll of thunder Jacob would point to the sky and say waassaattt? So I picked all the toys out of the yard, I relized this would be my new job in life, and went inside to enjoy our first thunderstorm of the season.

Thunderstorms are wonderful, especially in the country. They remind you of how great and powerful mother nature is, aka "God". Hibbing is especially spectacular for weather. Lots of snow, beautiful northren lights, great cloud structure, and awesome sunsets. I believe God brought me to hibbing because he knows how I enjoy all of these things. Of course there are alot of other reasons but that is just one that was just for me personally.