Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From 4-wheelers to Tractors

Yeah you heard right. I moved. Yep, I have made the transition from four wheeler to tractors. Now in stead of sitting at four way stops watching four wheelers going by I watch as tractors pass by as if it were normal to jump on your John Deer or Case tractor and run to Walmart Supercenter for a dozen eggs.

Now I am sure your mind is full of flat, barren grid work of farmland that would resemble the Iowa or Nebraska. Well it looks nothing like that. Sparta area is full of rolling farmland broken up with thick hardwoods. My parents live just outside of town. They are two houses from the city limits. Now when I say city limits I am not talking about Hibbing. There the city limits were huge. From my understanding it is the largest town per square mile in MN. Here are a couple pictures of Sparta. This is what I see when I look out my parents window.

That is all for now. Coming soon....jacob recieves four staples to the head and I have pictures.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We moved

Well we made it. Here is a picture of New Life Assembly of God. This is a picture from the parking lot. the front faces the highway. Just on the otherside of the tall pines. The move went well. Luke O. was a huge help to us.
We have been in Sparta for about three weeks now. Things are starting to feel a little normal. I still fill as though I am visiting my family for vacation. Maybe that is because I am living with my parents. THey have been great! They travel to church every weekend so they are hardly home.

We have been looking at house for the past month. Last week we put a agreement on a house and we are still working out the conditions as week speak. We should know if we have an accepted offer in a couple weeks at the latest I hope. Then of course there is still the all the inspections, financing and contingencies to work through before we close. It is very hard to keep you heart out of the process. Your home is really just an extension of your heart, so it is hard not to fall in love with a home.

Here is a pic of Jacob and I in our butt stinking huge uhaul. The way that I got the truck was very amazing.

I went to some backwooods auto garage in Mt. Iron to pick up my reserved truck. Well some 70 year old guy new nothing about our reservation. The 26 foot truck was out in the parking lot. He tried to log on to Uhaul to check to see if he had any new reservations but he had never used the computer before. So after he spent about 20 minutes on the phone with his boss (young guy who uses the computer) he asked me if I could come back in a couple hours. I told him NO I am MOVING and am going to leave with that 26foot uhaul in about 30minutes. So he said you try and see if you can log on to the computer. So I logged on, and when through the process of registering myself. Runing my own creditcard and printed out all the necessary paper work. I signed a copy and left it on the desk. I grabbed the key and told the old iron ranger who was now under a vehicle smoking a cigarette that I was going to take the truck now. He mumbled a few cuss words and ended with becareful. I asked him how much he gets paid an hour he said $19 an hour I said Make the check for $19 to Aaron Broberg.

That was a great expierence to have as I prepared to move away from the Iron Range. I have been missing all of my friends in Hibbing alot lately. It is strange to be so closely knit with some many people and then be completely seperated from in a day. Weird. Hibbing was a great place to live and ministry. I will always have a soft spot for Hibbing. It was and is a great place to be a pastor.