Thursday, December 29, 2005

My wifes Blog

Hey if you are interested in seeing a video of Levi and you have not visited my wifes blog CLICK HERE.
You can watch a video and check out what is up with our family.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wow Another Kid

Today was the day. Levi Mark James Broberg was born at 7:50am on Tuesday, December 27th. A pretty great day as I look back on it.

I saw things today that I should never see again. First off C-sections are brutal. I always had this idea that doctors were neat and clean and orderly. But what I witnessed today destroyed that idea. Not that our doctor was poor or unskill to the contrary I think she is very skilled. To sit and the foot of the bed and see what actually goes on during a C-Section will make your head spin. It gave me a greater appreciation for how God has given our body the ability to heal.

One minute I am watching my wife being sew up with something that looks like it was used to create Frankenstien, and 4 hours later she is eating a McFlurry hanging out with a bunch of people. AMAZING. Even more unbelieveable is that in 3-6 weeks she will be moving around nurturing the boys she brought into the world. God was right we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I will leave you with a picture of me and my new born son.

Into the Hospital

Jessica and I are going into the hospital this morning for her C-section. Next time you hear from us it will be with new about the baby.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Day so I thought I would give everyone a brief overview of what has gone on. Yesterday we broke all traditions and opened a few gifts in the morning. I of course blamed this on Jacob's desire for presents but really it was just me wanting to see him open some stuff. So we spent the morning enjoying a few presents and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Later on that evening we went to Christmas Eve service and then off to the Williamson's house for snacks and a few presents. It was great to go over to their house. Sue had a spread of food that was to die for. It was really great.

The Williamson's all got Christmas Eve PJ's. I got a picture of them next to the tree. From left to right it's Sydney, Jessica, Brittany, and Broc in the back.
It was very nice to spend time with teh Williamson's over Christmas. It was a great Christmas present to be able to be with a family that treats you just like family even when you are not their family. We had a great Christmas eve with the Williamsons. Speaking of presents I did get a a shop vac, Garage logic Cd, Sweet coffee grinder, and lots of other Caribou paraphenalia. Over all it was a great Christmas.
Tommorow we are going to transition from mellow relaxed Christmas house to "lets get ready for baby house" . Bring on another kid.

BTW if you need a Christmas laugh check out these two goof balls YoYo & Hoops.

Monday, December 12, 2005

How do you know you live in Hibbing?

If this happen to you on a daily basis then you live near or in Hibbing, MN.

When you approach a four way stop and you notice a car that has stopped at the four way stop to the right or left of you. Now you are about three blocks away, you expect the car to move through the intersection and you will precede with a yield instead of a full stop because that is what NORMALLY happens. Not in Hibbing. You will continue to pull up to the four way stop still waiting for the other car to cross. You come to a FULL stop...Wait...glare...and finally the person then WAVES YOU THROUGH the stop sign. WHAT! You have been sitting here for a full 5 minutes now! Why don't you go! Those are the things that go through my head. Truly my favorite thing about this Hib-like driving is when you are behind someone and they stop wait 30 minutes for another car to come and then wave them through!

When I first moved here I was about to go crazy. I actually almost killed 30 or 40 elderly people to are the founders of this Hib-like four way stop policy. But now I find myself stopping and waving people through. It is like a battle to see who can be more polite at the four way stops. So if you wondering if you are in Hibbing all you have to do is ask yourself, "have I been waved through a four way stop lately" if the answer is yes then your in Hib-town.

Friday, December 09, 2005

"Pray Dad"

The other night Jacob woke up crying. It happens every now and then. So I picked him up and talked to him for a little bit and put him back into the bed. As I was ready to leave the room Jacob says, "Pray Dad". So we took a second to pray. Most of his prayers consist of saying Dear Jesus and thanking him for various things...Frosty...Bear....Amarah...Cho Cho...Mom, Dad and Jacob. It always ends with a resounding AMEN! My kid is getting old. Soon their will be another on the way...Dec. 27th to be exact. Wow am I getting old.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

An Early Christmas

Jim Dietrich tells me that him and Linda want to come over tonight to drop something off. That worked perfect for our schedule so we told them to plan on staying for coffee.

So Linda come in and says that we have to sit on in the living room until Jim comes in. By now we realize that they are up to something beyond just dropping off a nice Christmas gift. Jim hauls in a bunch of stuff while Linda is keeping us preoccupied in the living room. He comes and sits down and hands me a card and says that he got together with a bunch of guys to get me an early Christmas present.

To my SUPRISE it is a ....

You have to click on the present to see what I got.

Thanks everyone who pitched in on the present I appreciate it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Snow Shovel

Who likes to shovel snow? December it isn't too bad, but come March it really starts to get old. I was shoveling snow yesterday to make way for the party last night. As usual my trusty side kick was right there with me shoveling away.

The greatest thing about this pictures is that my son reminds me of Ralphy's brother in The Christmas Story. I am sure if he fell down there was no way he was going to get up. It was about 10 degrees yesterday and he kep saying, " haut dad haut". I am sure he was hot even though it was so cold. He was bundled up like the abominal snowman. As you can see he is in training for his teen years of shoveling the driveway.

bwt - this is three post in a row. I personal record for me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Beginning of a "Party" Weekend

Today is the beginning of a Party weekend. This evening Jessica and I have invited all the Youth Pastors and spouses over for a Christmas Party. Jess and I are the "OLD" people in the section so we have decided to take some initiave and get our section rolling.

Tommorow we are going over to the Williamson's place for our staff and board Christmas Party. Then there is Sunday of course. You have church and sunday school. I get to do BGMC and a video discussion for the adults.

Today I am going to cut another tree. YES we have two! Also I am planning on making some garland. I am a little bit of a Christmas FREAK. Here are a couple childhood facts that support the former sentance.

I always put cookies and milk out for santa through out my highschool years. I would lay in our living room with chirstmas music and just stare at the tree. I wanted to get all the "Christmas" in because i knew it only lasted for a month. This may seem normal to some of you but for a freshman in highschool probably a little wierd. When I was toddler I made a baby Jesus out of dough with a cherrio for a crown. I still have it to this day, even though it is all dried and broken. i definately have Christmas issues.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Tree

Every year we drive out to Brandon Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. It is about thirty minutes outside of town. I can never remember to directions and usually make one or two wrong turns on our way. This year Grandma and Grandpa Lubenau went along for the family trip. Here is a bit of video of our Christmas tree cutting this year. To watch the Movie click the picture.